With Rent Plus, you get top-class business cleaning!

Our flexible business solutions, cleaning methods and responsible employees make it possible to offer you and your company quality cleaning at competitive prices.

Both as a private person or a business owner your strive towards giving customers, guests, employees, business partners ect. the best impression of your business or home – and this happens, among other things, when the cleaning is of a high quality.

We pride ourselves in what we do and live up to what we promise.
The core of our quality cleaning is stable and reliable employees who quickly, efficiently and properly handle machinery, equipment and detergents.

Daily cleaning and main cleaning and renovation of floors
In south and east Jutland, bounded by Kolding, Vejle and Århus in the north.

We serve among others:
-Companies, chains and groups
-Public offices
-Property Companies
-Private Customers

We wish that right now and here we could give you a price offer, but it is unfortunately not that simple, as the price for cleaning and window polishing is very individual and depends on the type of job.
However, we are known for providing high quality cleaning and window polishing at a reasonable price, which we are proud of.

We have skilled and motivated employees who can meet the demands of the future and ensure that the company remains well-reputed.
We want to run a responsible company that lives up to the world’s expectations and deliver the service at the agreed price and time – without harming anyone.

Call or contact us online to make an appointment. We can then work together to find the optimal solution and a good offer. Getting an offer is of course free.

We look forward to hearing from you!